Who Is The King Of Ipl? Get All Information About IPL King

Who Is The King Of Ipl? Get All Information About IPL King

IPL is one of the most enjoyable Cricket tournaments for all cricket fans around the whole world. Different types of audiences come together to support their favourite team and feel proud of their favourite players. Throughout the whole tournament of IPL, many players have performed outstandingly and become kings. If you are wanted to know who is the king of IPL, then here in this article, we are going to share the details with you all. 

IPL is a kind of festival for all cricket fans because they can watch all of their favourite players from different countries perform in a team together. Hence every year, millions of people participate in this festival and go to the playground to watch the match in front of them. Cricket is all about giving the best performances on the ground, and by giving the best shots, players become kings. Let's find out who is the king of IPL in this particular context in a little elaboration. 

Who Is The King Of Cricket In Ipl?

Now according to the performances provided by the players in each of the IPL seasons here, we have come up with a list of all of the best players' names. If you are looking for the answer to who is the king of cricket in IPL, find the answer here in this segment. 

Players Scores
Virat Kohli 6076
Rohit Sharma 5480
MS Dhoni 4669
Suresh Raina 5491
Chris Gayle 4965
AB de Villiers 5,162

Virat Kohli

We have seen Virat Kohli perform outstandingly for the Indian cricket team. However, when it's come to the IPL tournament, the audience has also seen the same kind of performance and energy from Virat Kohli. By giving the best performances and scoring the best in the IPL tournament, he became one of the kings of the IPL.

 There are many times when the audience has seen Virat Kohli make half a century and more than half a century. By giving lots of fours and sixes, He has taken the title of one of the kings of IPL. Besides that, for people looking for the answer to who is the king of cricket in IPL, Virat Kohli is the answer for all of them.

MS Dhoni

And next, we also have MS Dhoni on our list for who is one of the kings. We have seen MS Dhoni as the former Indian cricket team captain. He has helped the Indian cricket team to win World Cup. Even in the IPL tournament, we have seen Chennai Super Kings win many seasons. MS Dhoni's assistance and brilliant performances in every match made him one of the best Kings in the IPL tournament.

Chris Gayle 

In our list, next, we have Chris Gayle. We also know Chris Gayle with the name of Universe Boss. During the tournament of IPL, he made the highest score which was 175 and took the position in the list of the fastest run-maker and highest-scoring player. Besides that, by giving amazing performances in each one of the matches in each one of the seasons of IPL, we have seen Chris outstandingly. And he became one of the best Kings that IPL has ever had.

As a cricket lover, if you are wondering about who is the king of ipl history, then Chris Gayle is the answer for you.

Suresh Raina

After that, we have Suresh Raina on our list, who has often been called the king of IPL. He has also given many amazing performances and made the best scores from his team. He has also helped his team to win many matches against the opponent teams in the IPL tournament. After that, Suresh Raina is also a very good fielder and A good bowler but as a part-timer. 

Rohit Sharma

Next, we have on our list one of the kings of IPL, Rohit Sharma. As a captain of Mumbai Indians, he has achieved five times of IPL trophies in his name. At the same time, he has given many best performances by making the best runs. If you are looking for the answer to who is the king of ipl history, Rohit Sharma is one of the kings.

AB de Villiers

Last we have with us AB de Villiers. AB de Villiers started his IPL journey from Delhi Daredevils, and after that, he joined Royal Challengers Bangalore. The audience has also seen AB de Villiers providing the best performances in many matches during the IPL tournament. He has also earned the position of one of the kings in IPL history.

By giving the best performances many times and making half a century and a full century, he has entertained all of the time to all his fans. 

Some Of The Best Teams Of IPL

Mumbai Indians

In the history of the IPL tournament, Mumbai Indians achieved the most trophies in IPL. Till now, they have won 5 IPL trophies. Even Mumbai Indians also successfully made their position in the final match but unfortunately could not make it. 

 Chennai Super Kings

After that, Chennai Super Kings became one of the best teams in the IPL. After Mumbai Indians, the team has also won four IPL trophies till now. From Chennai Super Kings, we have seen MS Dhoni as the captain of the team and lead the team many times to achieve success and the trophy as well.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Lastly, Kolkata Knight Riders is one of the best teams in IPL history. Kolkata also has won the IPL trophy two times. However, after 2012 and 2014, they never succeeded in getting an IPL trophy. But they qualified for one final match but could not make it that season. 


Therefore these are all the names of the players who have performed very well in the tournament of IPL and become the kings of IPL. Cricket lovers can find out their answer to the question of who is the king of the ipl in detail.


Which player is king of IPL?
According to the source, Virat Kohli is the king of IPL.
Who is the best IPL king?
Again Virat Kohli is the best IPL king.
Who is the No 1 captain in IPL?
MS Dhoni is the number-one captain in IPL.
Which captain is best in IPL?
Rohit Sharma is the best captain in IPL.
Which IPL team is strongest?
Mumbai Indians is the strongest team.