Petrol Price Decreased To 81rs/Liter

Petrol Price Decreased To 81rs/Liter

The growing price of petrol every day increases the tension among people. For middle-class family members, it becomes almost a very tough situation. The rapid growth of the price even brings tension among the people who use two-wheeler, four-wheeler, and other vehicles. However, the average petrol price in India stands at near about 95 to 100 rupees per liter. Are you curious to find out the price of petrol in India? Do you want to find the hike price of petrol? Then we have the information for you to share.

The petrol price somehow increases the tension and stress level among the audience. To use the vehicles on the road people are showing much more concern about the petrol price. Different types of states are taking different types of prices for petrol per liter. But we have something good news for all of you to share. Probably the price of petrol may decrease to 81 per liter very soon. Excited to know more about the price rate? Then find the details here.

According to the current market, everyone is purchasing petrol by giving about 90 to 100 rupees per liter. However, soon there may be a chance of decreasing the price of petrol. The price may stand at 81 per liter. However, we are just expecting the thing. Hopefully, the government will take some consideration about the Hike of increasing petrol price every single day.


The audience will be able to utilize their vehicles and can have a tension-free ride on the road. Are you looking for the current price rate of petrol in India? Are you excited to find out about the possibility of decreasing petrol prices in India? Then we may only give you a hint and possible chances to decrease the rate of price very soon. Excited to buy petrol at 81 rupees per liter? Then you need to wait for the next update from the government.


When was petrol 50 rs per litre?
Petrol cost Rs 53.5 a litre on June 5, 2006. The price of this fuel had crossed Rs 50 in Chennai and Kolkata too on the same day; however, it was only in June 2008 that petrol price in Delhi touched Rs 50.
When was petrol 60 a litre?
Petrol prices have not fallen below ₹ 60/litre for a sustained period of time since May 2011.03-Dec-2015