Why Is My Period Late? Know The Common Reasons

Why Is My Period Late? Know The Common Reasons

There are many common reasons why you may face having your period late. If you are not pregnant, then this common reason may be the issue of delaying your period date. It can happen to anyone and anytime for several common reasons. If you are interested to know why my period is late common reasons then find out all of the reasons today here in this article.

A lot of people, maximum of the time, think due to pregnancy, they may face the issue of having a late period on time. However, this can be one reason why my period is late. There are so many common reasons that can also bring out the cause, and you need to know about all of the common reasons. Besides that, you are also going to find out the answers for periods late not pregnant and what to do when periods are late but not pregnant; today, here is this article.

Some Of The Common Reasons Why My Period Is Late

Now here are going to dictate about all of the common reasons why my period is late. In fact, we will also figure out the things like reasons for late period and a period week late.

1. Birth control pills

The most common reason and a big issue that may be the reason for your period late is for having birth control pills. If you are taking the help of these particular precautions frequently, then you may face the problem of not having a period of time. Rather there are so many other reasons that are also present with a can of for you their problem.


The next common reason for having a late period is PCOS. It is a very common type of help problem among most girls right now, and everyone is facing the situation. Why haven't I gotten my period? If you are finding the answer, then this is the most suitable answer if the above suggestion is not fit you.

3. Stress

After that, stress is another common reason, and that can also delay having your period on time. If you are taking lots of tension and stress in your regular day-to-day life, then it will directly affect your health. And you may also face the problem of having a late period. Besides that, this is another one of the most common issues which can bring out the problem at any time.

 4. Low body weight

Another reason for having a late period is low body weight. Girls who belong to the low body weight category may also face the problem of having a late period. However, by increasing your body weight naturally, you can improve your condition of yours.

5. Obesity


And the last common reason for having a period late is obesity. This can be one of the reasons for a missed period for you. Not only that, if you are facing or dealing with this particular problem, then you may also suffer from other health issues. Having a late period is the most common thing in life, and it may push you to think, why is my period late


How much delay is normal in the period?
Normally you can face in delay. Your normal period time is from 24 to 38 days.
Why is my period really late if I'm not pregnant?
There are several reasons, and you can find out the reasons in our article in detail.
Can the period be delayed by ten days?
Yes, of course, your period may be delayed by ten days.
How can I make my period come?
There are some particular exercises through which you can make sure to have your period on time and fast.