What Is A Dangerous Heart Rate For A Woman?

A dangerous heart rate can offer you a lot of consequences in your life. You may face both safe and unsafe situations in front of you. However, a normal heart rate should be between ‘60 to 100’. And whenever it goes high of 100, it is dangerous for your health. However, the heart rate can depend on several factors. What is a dangerous heart rate for a woman? If you want to know the factors which decide the heart rate, then you need to read the whole article very carefully.

With the help of this article, we are going to discuss all of the important things that are needed to know for what is a dangerous heart rate for a woman. Not only that, but we will also mention the things of what is too high of a heart rate and normal heart rate. Even the heart rate can also be increased just because of the stress level and depression. Over thinking is another more common reason for increasing the heart rate rapidly. Now let us find out the major factors that decide the heart rate.

Which Things Decide Heart Rate?

If you are interested to find out the common causes or factors that decide your heart rate, then you can find out all of the reasons here. At the same time, we will also help you to know about what causes high pulse rate while resting and healthy resting heart rate.

1. Pain

The major factor that can decide your heart rate is pain. If you are having any joint pain or any other bodily pain, then rapidly, you can see the changes in your heart rate. However, most of the time, we can observe the heart rate going above or higher in middle or older age people.

2. Temperature

 Next, another factor that can also decide to increase the heart rate is temperature. Whether it is your body temperature or whether temperature can majorly affect the heart rate, if you are living in a very hot or cold weather location, then you can see the major changes. Normal heart rate and pulse rate belong to 60 to 100 beats per minute.

3. Emotions

The next factor that can also create a major effect on your heart rate is emotions. Whether you are going through a situation of depression, tension, or stress, it can increase or decrease your heart rate very quickly. It is not good at all to have a high heart rate or the lowest heart rate for anyone.

4. Medication side effects

On the other side, medications can also affect your heart rate. If you are taking lots of medicines in your daily life, then it can also create a major impact on your heart rate. Rather you will be able to see the result of increasing or decreasing heart rate. This is one of the causes of a high heart rate.

5. Weight


 Even the weight of your body is another one of the factors that can also decide whether to increase or decrease your heart rate. A little bit of walk can quickly increase the heart rate. These are all the factors that can decide what is the dangerous heart rate for a woman and for others. 


What heart rate is unsafe?
If your Heart Rate goes over 100, then it is unsafe for you.
Is 120 heart rate normal?
120 heart rate is not at all a normal heart rate, and rather it is considered as high.
Is A heart rate of 110 Normal?
The normal heart rate is from 60 to 100 beats per minute.
What is the highest female heart rate?
The highest heart rate for a female can go up to 162 beats per minute.