Ind Vs. Pak Asia Cup Highlights

Ind Vs. Pak Asia Cup Highlights

In the Asia Cup tournament, both India and Pakistan are competitors against each other. The audience has seen many times India won matches against Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan has also won many Matches against India. In Asia Cup 2022 tournament, we have also seen Pakistan take the position in the final match against Sri Lanka after beating India. India could not make their position in the final round just for their poor performances. Ind vs Pak Asia Cup And all of the matches between these two teams became a huge craze among the audience to watch.

Each one of the fans of the Indian cricket team and the fans around the whole world likes to see every match of the Ind vs. pak Asia Cup. Today here in this article, we are going to discuss most of the important highlights regarding the Asia Cup 2022. If you are interested in collecting all of the necessary and important details regarding the Asia Cup India vs. Pakistan cricket match, then quickly check out this particular article till to the bottom.

Date Stadium Winner Format Won by
13 Apr 1984 Sharjah Cricket Stadium India ODI 54 runs
31 Oct 1988 Bangabandhu National Stadium India ODI 4 wickets
7 Apr 1995 Sharjah Cricket Stadium Pakistan ODI 97 runs
20 Jul 1997 SSCG No Result ODI -
3 Jun 2000 Bangabandhu National Stadium Pakistan ODI 44 runs
25 Jul 2004 R. Premadasa Stadium Pakistan ODI 59 runs
26 Jun 2008 Karachi National Stadium India ODI 6 wickets
2 Jul 2008 Karachi National Stadium Pakistan ODI 8 wickets
19 Jun 2010 Rangiri International Stadium India ODI 3 wickets
18 Mar 2012 Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium India ODI 6 wickets
2 Mar 2014 Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium Pakistan ODI 1 wickets
27 Feb 2016 Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium India T20 5 wickets
19 Sep 2018 Dubai International Stadium India ODI   8 wickets
23 Sep 2018 Dubai International Stadium India ODI 9 wickets
28 Aug 2022 Dubai International Stadium India T20 5 wickets
4 Sep 2022 Dubai International Stadium Pakistan T20 5 wickets

.Some Of The Major Highlights Of Asia Cup 2022

Whenever both of the teams came to the cricket ground, they showed the best performances to entertain the audience and to win the trophy. However, we have seen the maximum number of trophies taken by India in the Asia Cup. But it was unfortunate that India could not make they are position in the final match against Sri Lanka in 2012.  

India vs. Pakistan cricket match Asia cup was one of the high voltage matches, and a huge crowd of the audience has come to the ground to support their favorite teams. But due to the poor performances on the battlefield, India lost the game against team Pakistan. Asia Cup Ind vs. pak In the super four rounds, we have seen both India and Pakistan fight with each other. India made a score of 181 by losing seven wickets.

And now, here is the time to chase down the targeted runs by team Pakistan to qualify for the final match. The team Pakistan easily chased the targeted score and made 182. Pakistan won the match by five wickets from India versus Pakistan Asia Cup match. 

According to the sources, this was the third time that Pakistan brought victory for themselves over team India. In the 2022 Asia Cup tournament, the hero of the match remained Mohammed Rizwan. For his brilliant performances and by taking so many wickets from the opponent in players, he achieved recognition for himself. And in India vs. Pakistan in the Asia Cup, he was one of the talented cricketers from team Pakistan. 

Additionally, he also made 71 runs in just 51 balls against team India and helped Pakistan to win the match against team India in Asia Cup 2022. On the other side, Mohammad Nawaz was also one of the players who have also helped team Pakistan win the match against India in 2022. He made 42 runs in just 20 bolls. 

The match was one of the fired matches in the whole tournament because it was the last chance for both of the teams to make their position in the Asia Cup India vs. Pakistan match 2022. In the last match between India and Pakistan, India lost wickets quickly, and many cricketers went from the cricket ground too early.

Even Virat Kohli made just 60 runs in the match, and Shadab Khan Took two wickets by giving 31 runs. Compared to team India, Pakistan remained in the field and did not lose. We get to quickly, just like team India. Therefore they successfully made 182 runs and took the position in the final match in the Asia Cup tournament 2022. Ind vs. Pak Asia Cup match became a big hit for all of the audience who watched the season the last year.

Now people are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season of the Asia Cup tournament, and they are eagerly waiting for the matches between India and Pakistan again.


Hence, this is the full information and highlights of India vs Pakistan head-to-head in Asia Cup 2022. You can read out all of the important details in this article.


How many times does Pakistan beat India in Asia Cup?
Pakistan has won 8 matches against India in Asia Cup.
Will there be Ind vs pak in Asia Cup?
Yes, in the 2023 Asia Cup tournament, there will be matches between India and Pakistan.
How many Asia Cups has India won?
India has won 8 times Asia Cup tournaments.
Is India out of Asia Cup? Why?
In 2022 for the poor performances, India was out of Asia Cup and lost the game against Pakistan.
Which country is more beautiful, India or Pakistan?
According to the ranking, India takes the number one position in Asia Cup for winning the maximum number of tournaments.