Everything You Need To Know About Poop

Everything You Need To Know About Poop

The poop comes out in different types of shapes and colors as well. For different types of people, it can be varied as well. However, there as so many important things that you need to know about types of poop. Today in this article, we will cover most of the important things regarding the topic poop. However, it can be a very hilarious topic to discuss that type of poop as well. However, jokes apart. Let's know all of the things that can identify how healthy poop looks like.

On the other side, the poop only comes when you have digested all your foods very well. Otherwise, you may suffer from the problem of constipation. Initially, people who want to know more about different types of poop and why my poop comes out in small soft pieces can quickly find their queries here in this article. Let's individually find out the important aspects regarding poop.

How Healthy Does The Poop Look?

Apart from all of these things, if you want to know what healthy poop looks like, you can find the step-by-step answer here in this paragraph. At the same time, we will also discuss the types of poop. Find out more other interesting answers on different poop meanings and what your poop means.

1. Color

Generally, the healthy poop color is brown. However, the brown shade may look deep, sometimes deep and lighter. However, whenever you see the color of your poop is not brown, then you need to consider it as not healthy poop. However, if you follow the color of your poop is black, red, or Maroon, then you need to go to the doctor as immediately as possible. 

2. Shape 

Even the size of your poop can also decide whether it is healthy or not. Your poops should not come out in the form of little. Rather they should be lengthy and big. However, if you have small poops, you need to go to the toilet repeatedly. Healthy poop should be in a large shape.

3. Size

The size also matters very important when it comes to finding whether your poop is healthy or not. In general, the size of your poop should be medium or large. It should not be too little; otherwise, it will not be considered healthy poop.

4. Frequency

Frequency is another one of the aspects through which you can consider whether your poop is healthy or not. Not only that, unhealthy poop does not offer a frequency. And if you do not have healthy poops, consider taking the doctors' advice.

5. Consistency 

Even to decide whether your poop is healthy or not, consistency is another one of the options that will help you to understand. If your poop does not come out on a regular basis and in a medium shape and size, including the color, then it should not be a healthy poop. There may be a digestion problem, so you have unhealthy poops. These is all things that you need to know about poop and types of poop.


What are Category 7 types of poop?
The category 7 types of poop look totally liquid with no solid consistency.
What type of poop is concerning?
Deep red, black and Maroon are the types of poop concerning.
What is Type 5 vs Type 6 poop?
The Type 5 poop looks like Soft blobs with clear-cut edges, and the Type 6 poop looks like Fluffy pieces with ragged edges.
What does Type 5 poop look like?
The Type 5 poop looks like soft blobs with defined edges.