Everything You Need To Know About Period Blood

Everything You Need To Know About Period Blood

The period is one of the most natural processes in female bodies, which can help them get out all the bad blood. Even period is one of the main reasons women enjoy Motherhood and can give birth. But the period blood may come in different colors, and each one of the colors identifies different things. However, the color of the period blood will also help you know whether you are having a healthy period. Today we will talk about all of the important things regarding period blood, including black blood too.

Black blood is also one of the colors of period blood, and if you have this particular color while having a period, you need to know the meaning of it. Besides that, several other colors are also seen when women go through period dates. If you are curious to find out whether you are having a healthy period or not, then this article is for all of you. By reading the whole article, all of you will be able to collect some of the important details regarding brown period blood and why is my period blood brown.

Different Types Of Period Blood Colors 

Now here we are going to provide you with all of the necessary details to help you clear the whole concept of period blood, including black blood. Many people may have different types of conception regarding the colors of period blood. Hence we have come up with all of the necessary information to help people increase their knowledge. At the same time, we will also let the audience know about bright red period blood and what black period blood mean. 

1. Black

If you are watching the blood color is black when you have a period, then naturally, it means the old blood remains in your body for a longer time. However, you may eventually follow the color of black blood on the low-flow day of your period. However, it is not that much of a concern. Rather, it is a normal blood color of your period.

2. Brown 

The next period's color is brown. Most of the time, when your period comes, you can eventually find out the color Brown. However, with time, it automatically turns black as well. Moreover, you can see the brown blood at the starting and ending times of your period. Why is my period blood black and thick probably because the blood has stayed a lot of time in your body! This is the thing of brown period blood meaning.

3. Dark red

The next period's color is dark red. It is also a normal blood color when you are having your period, and you may probably see the color at the end time of your period. Besides that, a lot of women have this particular period color. You can also watch the dark red color when your period starts in the early morning as well.

 4. Light red

The next blood color for the period is light red. When the blood flow remains very fast in your body, probably, you can see a light red color while having a period. Besides that, it can also mean that you may probably finish your period within a few days for that month.   

5. Orange

The next blood color of your period is orange, and you may see the orange at both the start and end of your period. Usually, it does not refer to anything major; it is a normal blood color when you have a period. 

6. Pink

Besides that, another one of the blood colors of your period you may observe is pink. This can also come out when you are having the starting day of your period and the ending day of your period. It does not identify any infections that you are having inside of your body as well. 

7. Gray 

If you face the color grey while having a period, it is probably a very concerning sign for you. This may offer the concern of miscarriage. It can also reflect the infections in your body as well.


What is black blood mean?
The blood that remains for a longer period of time in your body may bring out in the form of black blood while having a period.
Why is my period dark?
Probably because of the Oxidize present in the blood in your body and which remains longer time in your body may ring out the dark color of blood.
Why is my normal blood black?
In starting of your period, you will have the color Brown while releasing the period's blood, and then eventually, it turns Black.
What diseases cause black blood?
If you have black blood, then usually it means that you are suffering from the problem of pelvic inflammatory Disease.