All Asia Cup Winners List

All Asia Cup Winners List

Throughout the whole season of Asia Cup tournaments, there are many teams have participated in the tournament and won the trophy for their country. Asia Cup tournament became a huge success within a quick time, and cricket fans also became very much Enthusiastic and excited about the overall tournament. From the start of the tournament in 1984 till now, 2022, we have got so many winners for the Asia Cup tournament. Today here in this article, we are going to share complete information about all Asia Cup winners list in detail.

You may not be able to remember all of the names of the Asia cup winners list 1984 to 2022; thus, to help you to remember the names of each one of the teams, we have come up with complete information about the Asia Cup tournament and Asia cup winners list all time. The last year, in the 15th edition of the Asia Cup tournament, we saw Sri Lanka become the winner of the title. Besides that, Sri Lanka made their position in the list of most Asia cup winner. 

After every 2 years, the Asia Cup tournament comes to entertain the audience; however, due to the pandemic situation, the last Asia Cup tournament happened in 2018. And after 4 year of long gap again, the Asia Cup tournament happened in the last year, 2022. Now let's find out the Asia cup champions list without wasting any more time.

Asia Cup All Winners

Join in our discussion to find out the entire Asia cup all winners. After every 2 years, one team has made their position in the champion list. And 1984 to 2022, those countries have won the title of Asia Cup are here in the below paragraph in table format. 

Year Format Winner Runners-up
1984 ODI India Sri Lanka
1986 ODI Sri Lanka Pakistan
1988 ODI India Sri Lanka
1990–91 ODI India Sri Lanka
1995 ODI India Sri Lanka
1997 ODI Sri Lanka India
2000 ODI Pakistan Sri Lanka
2004 ODI Sri Lanka India
2008 ODI Sri Lanka India
2010 ODI India Sri Lanka
2012 ODI Pakistan Bangladesh
2014 ODI Sri Lanka Pakistan
2016 T20 India Bangladesh
2018 ODI India Bangladesh
2022 T2 Sri Lanka Pakistan


Asia Cup Winners (Country-Wise)

Now here in this paragraph, we are going to see the names of all of the winners of the Asia Cup country-wise. It will also help all of the cricket fans to find out how many times and which country has won the maximum number of Asia Cup tournament titles. Let us find out the names of the winners in country-wise.

Team Winning Year Runner-up Won
India 1984, 1988, 1991, 1995, 2010, 2016, 2018 3 times 7 times
Sri Lanka 1986, 1997, 2004, 2008, 2014, 2022 6 times 6 times
Pakistan 2000, 2012 3 times 2 times
Bangladesh   3 times -
Afghanistan   - -
Hong Kong   - -


Asia Cup Winners - Championship Summary

Besides that, it will also be very much clear to know all of the winners' names as a Championship summary. Therefore, here we have come up with the Championship summary so that each one of the cricket fans can remember the names of the winners and how many times they have won the title clearly.

Rank Teams Won Runners-up Appearance
1 India 7 3 14
2 Sri Lanka 6 6 15
3 Pakistan 2 3 14
4 Bangladesh 0 3 14

Asia Cup 2020

The Asia Cup 2020 has not been played due to the pandemic situation. The cricket board and other important authorities have decided not to perform the Asia Cup in 2020. Therefore,  in 2020 no countries participated and played the tournament against each other. Even the audience did not also receive the winner and runner up. After two years, again, the tournament was played in 2022.


This is the whole information regarding the most Asia cup winners list. If you want to collect more information and the winner of the 2023 Asia Cup, then we will update you soon after the tournament happens.


Who has won the Asia Cup the most?
Asia Cup trophy has been won for the maximum time by team India.
How many Asia Cup winners are there?
These altogether 3 teams won the title Asia Cup, including India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.
Which team captain won the 2016 Asia Cup?
MS Dhoni was the captain of the Asia Cup 2016.
Which teams are in Asia Cup final?
The teams who qualified for the final match in Asia Cup 2022 were Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
How many times has MS Dhoni won Asia Cup?
MS Dhoni won Asia Cup 2 times in 2010 and in 2016.