5 Common Reasons For Lower Left Abdominal Pain

5 Common Reasons For Lower Left Abdominal Pain

The reasons for having lower left abdominal pain are several. This is the last part of your colon. However, there as some particular and common reasons of appearing this particular problem in your body. If you want to understand the whole reasons quickly, then here in this article, we will cover the details briefly. We will help people to know about most of the common reasons for having abdominal pain on the left side.

Rather those who were searching for the common reasons for lower left abdominal pain can also find out their answers here in this article. Besides that, the pain can happen anytime and for both males and females. To the advantage of this article, we will also discover all of you acknowledge pain bottom left stomach reasons and pain in the lower left side of the abdomen female.

Some Of The Common Reasons For Lower Left Abdominal Pain

Today with the help of this paragraph, those who are interested to find out common reasons for having pain can find out all here. Besides that, we will also talk about sharp pain lower left abdomen and pain in the lower left abdomen near the hip bone female.

1. Indigestion

The most common reason of appearing the pain in the lower abdominal side is indigestion. If you regularly have a habit of eating unhealthy foods and your digestion system is not good, then you may suffer from the problem of indigestion. Besides that, this particular Reason can increase the pain in your left abdominal side.

2. Hernia

The next common reason of appearing the pain in your lower abdominal side is a hernia. It is a particular problem when your bone will increase in a particular area. Besides that, most people always avoid it, and in the last situation, you may suffer from several pain issues. On the other hand, pain in the lower left side of a female can happen for several reasons.

3. Gas

What causes lower left abdominal pain? Gas is the most common reason for appearing pain in the lower abdominal side, and a maximum number of people are going to the issue. However, it can be immediately solved by taking some medical pills or anything else like home remedies. But you should not avoid the pain for a longer period of time. Rather you need to take the help of a doctor fast.

4.  Kidney stone

 Kidney stone is the next common reason why you may suffer from lower abdominal pain problem. A large section of popularity has already faced the problem of lower left abdominal pain issue when they have faced the problem of kidney stones. If you want to solve it quickly, then do take the help of the doctors immediately.

5. Shingles


Another common reason why the pain increases in your lower abdomen side is shingles. The majority section of people is often unable to find out the actual reason behind the pain, but it can be the reason for appearing it. 


What organ is in the lower left abdomen?
The organs which you can find out in the lower left abdomen are transverse, descending, and sigmoid.
Is lower left abdominal pain serious?
Yes, of course, it can happen due to several reasons for the lower left abdominal serious pain.
When should I worry about left-side pain?
When you feel pain in the lower left side abdominal frequently and have fever and vomiting problems, you should consult with the doctor.
How do I relieve pain in my lower left abdomen?
By practicing some of the home remedies like cold compression and others, you can get relief from your left abdomen pain.