5 Common Masturbation Side Effects For You To Know

5 Common Masturbation Side Effects For You To Know

Masturbation is a natural kind of process in the human body. Both men and women are taking advantage of masturbation. Doing masturbation every day can increase both positive and negative advantages and disadvantages. If you are practicing masturbation regularly, then here we have something to inform all of you. It might offer you some of the side effects. If you are wondering about the common masturbation side effects, then we will discuss all of the details here in this article. 

A lot of people may not know about the common masturbation side effects; to help all of them and to let them know, we have come up with common side effects names. However, it can also bring out health benefits as well. But sometimes practicing masturbation a lot can quickly offer you disadvantage also. By reading the whole article, you can also find out the answers to why masturbation is bad and what masturbation is.

Some Of The Most Common Masturbation Side Effects To Know

Now in the below section, we will discuss each and every single common masturbation side effect for all of you. Do read all of the below-mentioned side effects if you are practicing masturbation every day. Besides that, we will also discuss on benefits of masturbation and the side effects of masturbation in males daily on the skin.

1. Infertility

It is a very common myth that masturbation every day can lead to infertility. However, we are not very sure whether it is true or not. But a lot of people have already claimed this thing as true. This is one of the side effects of masturbation every day.

2. Dehydration

And another one of the common side effects of masturbation every day is dehydration. You may suffer from dehydration and can become weak as well. On the other side, a lot of people are also asking the question of whether masturbating is bad for health or not. To conclude these questions, we want to let them know that masturbation has both positive and negative results on the body.

3. Hormonal imbalances

At the same time, it can also imbalance the hormone system as well. If you frequently take advantage of masturbation for yourself, then you can go with the situation of hormonal imbalance. If you want to stay healthy and stay fit, you need to reduce the frequent time of your masturbation.

4. Changes in the size or shape of the penis

Not only that, it can also lead to changes in the size or shape of the penis. This is another one of the common side effects of masturbation. What happens when you masturbate? This is the answer for you.

5. Decreased sperm count

And the last side effect of masturbation regularly can lead you towards decreased sperm count as well. If you want to satisfy your partner in bed, then you may probably face a lot of problems as you have practiced a lot of masturbation. Hence you need to control and need to do less masturbation on a regular basis. Therefore, these are the common masturbation side effects for all of you to know.


Can I recover from the harmful effects of masturbation?
Recovering from the harmful side effects of masturbation, it will take one or two weeks.
Can masturbation cause low sperm count?
No, not at all; masturbation does not cause a low sperm count.
What to do after losing sperm?
You need to take a lot of Vitamin C and need to practice a lot of body exercises if you lose sperm.
How much energy is lost in sperm?
It is between 5 to 25 calories lost per teaspoon.