10 Chrome Extensions That Will Increase Your Productivity

10 Chrome Extensions That Will Increase Your Productivity

As a professional who spends a significant amount of time on the internet, I have come to appreciate the power of Chrome extensions. Chrome extensions are small software programs that add functionality to the Chrome browser, making it easier to navigate the web. They can be downloaded and installed from the Chrome Web Store. In this article, I will share with you the top 10 Chrome extensions that will increase your productivity.

Introduction to Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are small software programs that can be installed on the Chrome browser to add new features or enhance existing ones. They are designed to make browsing the web more efficient and productive. Chrome extensions are easy to install and use, and they can be found in the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome extensions can be used for a variety of purposes, such as blocking ads, saving webpages for later, managing passwords, and many more. With thousands of extensions available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones. That’s why I have compiled a list of the top 10 Chrome extensions for productivity.

Extension 1: StayFocusd

StayFocusd is a productivity extension that helps you stay focused on your work by limiting the amount of time you spend on distracting websites. You can set a time limit for each site, and once the time is up, you will be blocked from accessing that site for the rest of the day. StayFocusd has a variety of features that can help you stay productive, such as the ability to block entire sites or specific pages, and the option to set different time limits for different days of the week.

Extension 2: Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing assistant that helps you write better by checking your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It can be used on any website or document, and it provides real-time suggestions as you type. Grammarly can also help you improve your writing style by suggesting more concise and effective ways of expressing your ideas.

Extension 3: Pocket

Pocket is a read-it-later service that allows you to save articles, videos, and other content to read later. It is a great way to save interesting content that you come across while browsing the web, and it can be accessed on any device. Pocket also has a feature called “Recommended” that suggests articles based on your interests.

Extension 4: LastPass

LastPass is a password manager that helps you keep track of all your passwords in one place. It can generate strong passwords for you, and it can also autofill your login credentials on websites. LastPass encrypts your data, so you can rest assured that your passwords are safe and secure.

Extension 5: RescueTime

RescueTime is a productivity tool that helps you understand how you spend your time on the computer. It tracks the time you spend on different websites and applications, and it provides detailed reports that show you how productive you are. RescueTime can also help you set goals and alerts to keep you on track.

Extension 6: Momentum

Momentum is a personal dashboard that replaces the default Chrome new tab page. It features a beautiful background image, a to-do list, a weather widget, and inspirational quotes. Momentum can help you stay focused and motivated throughout the day.

Extension 7: Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking and to-do list app that can be accessed on any device. It allows you to create notes and lists, set reminders, and add images and voice memos. Google Keep can also be integrated with other Google apps, such as Google Docs and Google Calendar.

Extension 8: OneTab

OneTab is a tab management tool that helps you save memory and increase browsing speed. It converts all your open tabs into a list, and you can restore them individually or all at once. OneTab can also help you organize your tabs by grouping them together.

Extension 9: Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a free and open-source password manager that can be used on any device. It allows you to store all your passwords in one place, and it can autofill your login credentials on websites. Bitwarden also has a feature called “Vault Health” that checks the strength of your passwords and alerts you if they need to be changed.

Extension 10: Todoist

Todoist is a to-do list app that helps you organize your tasks and projects. It allows you to create tasks and sub-tasks, set due dates and reminders, and add notes and attachments. Todoist can also be integrated with other apps, such as Google Calendar and Dropbox.

Conclusion and Recommendation of the Best Chrome Extension for Productivity

In conclusion, Chrome extensions are powerful tools that can help you increase your productivity and efficiency while browsing the internet. The top 10 Chrome extensions for productivity that I have shared in this article are StayFocusd, Grammarly, Pocket, LastPass, RescueTime, Momentum, Google Keep, OneTab, Bitwarden, and Todoist.


After using all these extensions, I would recommend Todoist as the best Chrome extension for productivity. It is an all-in-one to-do list app that can help you stay organized and on top of your tasks and projects. Give these Chrome extensions a try and see how they can help you become more productive.


Are Chrome extensions safe to use?
Chrome extensions can be safe to use if they are downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and have good user reviews. However, it is important to be cautious and only download extensions from trusted sources.
Can I use Chrome extensions on other browsers?
Chrome extensions are designed to work on the Chrome browser only. However, some extensions may have similar versions that can be used on other browsers.
How do I uninstall a Chrome extension?
To uninstall a Chrome extension, right-click on the icon in the Chrome toolbar and select “Remove from Chrome.”